About Dana

Dana Richardson is an underwater photographer, U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain, and Marine Mammal Naturalist. She resides in Kona, HI and spends her time free diving with the dolphins and other marine mammals. Dana strives to learn as much as possible about these underwater mammals in order to protect them and their ocean home. By following her heart she is living her dream in Hawaii with the whales and dolphins.

“My love for the ocean has taken me all through the South Pacific photographing the Southern Humpback Whales near Tahiti, the Dusky dolphins and sperm whales in New Zealand. The ocean is full of beauty, wonder, adventure, and mystery as well as a calming sense of peace. Photography is a way to share these magical experiences of the underwater world with our world on land. Being eye to eye with a whale is one of the most amazing experiences that words cannot even begin to describe. The ocean is a wealth of knowledge that teaches us how to live if we listen. My hope is to inspire others with the simple beauty of what the ocean has to share…”

About Mana Kai

In Hawaiian, 'Kai' means the Sea and 'Mana' is divine power, life force, or spirit. The ocean is a powerful home to many amazing animals that are still mysterious to us as humans. The logo symbolizes a wave turning into the koru, which is the maori name for a new unfurling fern frond. The koru symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace.